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Vincent: Medium Hair Tabby Male, born 04/19/2007. He's a big boy and likes to pounce on things. He's also fond of running, jumping, climbing, and wrestling. Bursts of energy are his thing.



Mike: Short Hair Tabby Female, born 04/19/2007. She's petite. She likes to swat at things and loves to pick up things in her mouth and carry them around. She's also fond of running and wrestling. She's been know to play fetch. Speed are dexterity are her strengths.




Turbo Scratcher. The turbo scratcher is a round plastic disk with a track around the outside that contains a ball. The ball is trapped in the track and rolls easily in the track when touched by the cat. There is a cardboard scratcher disk in the center of the toy. The cardboard disk is replaceable. The cardboard disk is scented with catnip.


Vincent with Turbo Scratcher


Both Vincent and Mike went straight for the scratch pad portion of this toy as soon as it was placed on the floor. They pulled their claws on the scratch pad vigorously and rubbed their heads against it. I initially had the turbo scratcher placed on a rug, and it stayed put while the cats played with it. I later noticed that it skidded around a bit when it was on a smooth floor (the cats enjoyed the skidding, but I'd rather it stay in one place).

Vincent really enjoys playing with the track ball. He played with it for long stretches of time the first couple of days. Mike also plays with it, but not as much as Vincent. The toy has been in the house about a month and a half now and the cats still play with it, although not as often as at first. The cats can get the ball rolling really fast, and they have fun chasing it in circles. I've seen both cats playing with it at once a couple times, with one cat sitting on either side and hitting the ball back and forth.


Video of Vincent and the Turbo Scratcher


The catnip scent has worn off the scratching pad, so I sprinkle a little catnip on it now and then. The cardboard pad is getting pretty shredded after a month and a half of use by two cats.


The only down side of this toy is that it is noisy (the ball rolling in the track). The cats don't mind the noise at all, but I had to turn up the TV volume when they were playing with it. I also put it away at night because the sound of them playing with it was enough to wake me up.


Vincent & Mike give the Turbo Scratcher Two Paws Up!